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List of NGF's New Members in Q2
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Top 5 countries with the most golf facilities (not including the U.S.).

Grow the Game by Lowering Frustration
by Michael Hebron

Some have said golf is broken and in need of fixing; play is down and there is a lack of interest in taking up the game. On the other hand some do not agree the game needs fixing, but how the game is seen needs some rethinking.

Maximizing Hard Goods Sales are Hooked at the Hip with Player Development Programs
by Ken Morton

Today, buying golf equipment is complex and complicated. It is complex because modern fitting techniques and new technology have proven that by just changing a lie angle, a shaft flex or shaft type, the length of a club, the size of a grip or up to any one of 14 fitting factors can and will dramatically improve a person's game.

List of NGF's New Members in Q2

Executive Members


Under Armour, Inc.


Business Members

Spectrum Equity 

The Fore Factory, Inc.

Hall-Widdoss & Company PC 

Mac Productions

Reliable Property Services of Wisconsin, LLC


WeatherTrends International

Timothy Becker, LLC

Paget Capital Management Ltd

New England Flag and Banner

Willingham Associates

National University Golf Academy

Arkion Life Sciences

Pacific Links International

Play-A-Round Golf

The William Fall Group

Timberline Short Nine

Huderle Indoor Range

Tin Cup Products

SRI International


Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, U.S. Corp. Office

FitGolf Enterprises, LLC

Raven Golf Development

Jefferies & Company, Inc.

Club Holdings, Inc

Professional Appraisal Services, Inc.

DirtyLarryGolf LLC

RTV Engineering

Paul Hornsby and Company

Guardian Golf Products

Florida Golf Alliance

Point Value Appraisal and Consultantion

Crisler & Associates

Specialty Products Consultants, LLC

Tail Activewear

Valsef Capital


Faciltiy App Membership

Tallgrass at Shoreham


Facility Membership 

Morehead City Country Club 

Detroit Golf Club

Baker Hill Golf Club 

Bonaventure Country Club

Malibu Golf Club

Hidden Valley

Bavarian Hills Golf Course

Londonderry Country Club

Chautauqua Golf Club

Cedars Country Club

The Concession Golf Club

Sahalee Country Club

Rose City Golf Course

Bethlehem Golf Club

Northampton Country Club

Taboo Resort

Texas Star Golf Course

South Shore Country Club

Hole in the Wall Golf Club


Management Membership

City of Burnaby Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services

Crystal Springs Resort

Quincy Park District

City of Mill Valley/ Mill Valley Golf Course

Coastal Hotel Group/ Semiahmoo Resort

Touchstone Golf, LLC 

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