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Top 5 methods Core Golfers used to reduce their cost per round:

PCI Compliance tips to help your small business
by Beth Longware Duff
Small businesses have increasingly become targets of hackers and identity thieves, who consider them to be easy targets. In 2010, two golf courses in Nebraska experienced a data breach that exposed the credit and debit card numbers of more than 200 recent customers.

What can snowboarding do for golf?
by Dr. Preston Lear and Jay Miller
One afternoon Jay Miller and I were talking about the golf industry, musing about how many of the things that make this game so great—the tradition, the culture, and its inherent technical difficulty as a sport — also serve to make the game less accessible to the masses.
NGF Top 5: This Month

Top 5 methods Core Golfers used to reduce their cost per round:

1. Playing off-peak and at less expensive times (52%)
2.Using coupons for greens fees or food discounts (50%)
3.Booking discounted tee-times online (49%)
T-4.Cutting back on pro-shop purchases (30%)
T-4.Using deals from Groupon or similar sources (30%)

Source: NGF Core Golfer Survey

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