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Top 5 methods Core Golfers used to reduce their cost per round:

PCI Compliance tips to help your small business
by Beth Longware Duff
Small businesses have increasingly become targets of hackers and identity thieves, who consider them to be easy targets. In 2010, two golf courses in Nebraska experienced a data breach that exposed the credit and debit card numbers of more than 200 recent customers.

What can snowboarding do for golf?
by Dr. Preston Lear and Jay Miller
One afternoon Jay Miller and I were talking about the golf industry, musing about how many of the things that make this game so great—the tradition, the culture, and its inherent technical difficulty as a sport — also serve to make the game less accessible to the masses.
Holiday Email Volume on the Rise. Is Email Marketing King?

Email marketing generates over $40 for every $1 invested and more than 83% of major online retailers increased their November and December email volume last year

You've heard of Black FridayCyber Monday and perhaps even Brown Thursday. Yes, these holiday fueled sales events have become "buzz worthy," but days on a calendar alone won't sell your products. You need compelling offers, great product and a qualified list of golfers to receive your message.

NGF’s direct marketing resources have supported more and more B2C clients from key industry segments including retail, publishing, equipment, accessories, travel and instruction. Our services have also helped individual golf clubs generate new customers and recruit new members.

At NGF, we believe all client campaigns should be targeted and/or local. This discipline serves three key objectives:

  • Maximize the impact of every dollar invested by clients
  • Ensure golfers in our database are appreciative of the offers they receive
  • Limit the number of times golfers in our database are emailed

Practical examples would be excluding single-digit handicappers from a training aid campaign or limiting a private club campaign to the best targeted neighborhoods within a 10 mile radius.

Too much email?

While today's email inboxes are crowded places, a recent NGF survey indicates that about 70% of core golfers feel they receive the right amount or not enough email offers from courses, retailers and equipment manufacturers. For these core golfers, email is still the overwhelming preferred method of contact over social network services like Facebook.

Successful email campaigns start with a performance focused list strategy and a transparent review of results covering open rates, click-thrus and sales conversions and a profile of who those golfers are.

So is email marketing king?

It certainly has royal status in our book, but we’ve fulfilled enough direct mail projects this year to know that approach is still flourishing as well. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association estimates that over 50% of mailed postcards are most likely to be read by recipients and that’s a better percentage than just about every email open rate we’ve seen. Still, particularly as our clients look for affordable ways to drive year-end business, the minimal costs, relatively quick turn-around time and very measurable response data makes email marketing an attractive use of marketing/advertising dollars.

NGF's exclusive 100% opt-in database contains contact names, emails, and mailing addresses for hundreds of thousands of golfers.  Clients can target your campaign by location, age, gender, income, average 18-hole score, annual rounds played, and more. Our November and December email marketing calendar is filling up fast, so don't miss the opportunity for NGF to help boost your holiday season promotions. Please request a consultation by Clicking Here or contact us at (888) 275-4643.

Read more about whether Email Marketing is King in the Harvard Business Review

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