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The Power of Referral – Core Golfers Introducing New Golfers
6th Annual NGF Golf Business Symposium Set for St. Louis on April 23rd and 24th
August 2012 Rounds Played Report
56 Million Golf Gamers... Let’s Get (some of) Them from the Console to the Course!
List of NGF's New Members in Q3
Sponsored by: NGF's GolfSAT
Top 5 States/Cities managing the most golf facilities
American Golf Census
Keep Your Skin in the Game All Year Round

Mark Wishner, Owner/President of Sun Safetee Program educates reads on the importance of wearing sunscreen in the winter months.



American Golf Census
Industry News
Risky Business

Owners and operators who don’t make workplace safety a priority are gambling with their business’ future

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Trip of a Lifetime: Gratitude At Every Turn

The more time I spend with the wounded veterans who are on this golf trip to Ireland, the more grateful I become. This is not a political thing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Republican or a Democrat, conservative or liberal. It’s not about how you feel regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. No, it’s simply about supporting the troops. And they don’t get nearly the support they should when they return home, many with debilitating injuries -- physical as well as mental -- that will haunt them the rest of their lives.

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The Most Powerful People in Golf for 2012

Golf Inc.

Trump makes a statement, Tiger returns, and Gil Hanse and Charlie Staples join the industry's elite 35.

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