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2012 China Golf Report Now Available
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Golf Club Members and Golf Club Owner Both Foiled By Contract Language
by Rob Harris
The Ohio Court of Appeals recently issued two golf related decisions that provide a cautionary tale to those who denigrate the importance of the written words to which they affix their names.
NGF 2013 Municipal Golf Survey

In light of the issues and trends discussed in the previous article, the NGF is conducting a municipal golf survey to identify key operations and public policy trends, and to gauge the overall health of the public sector golf business. The first wave of the survey, intended for municipalities that have one or more regulation length golf courses, was distributed in late November, and follow-up waves are planned for mid-December and early January. Respondents will be able to compare their results to those of other municipalities across the country.

In addition to basic rounds played, revenue, expense, and staffing information, the survey will provide valuable information covering key issues such as:

  • What percentage of municipal facilities generate revenues sufficient to cover operating expenses, including transfers (if applicable) to the General Fund? To cover debt service?
  • How many municipal golf operators arelowering maintenance standards, reducing staff and/or deferring capital improvements due to financial considerations?
  • What percentage of municipal golf facilities is fully self-operated with public employees, and how is this changing?
  • How many municipalities have considered leasing, selling, or closing one or more golf courses, or converting a facility to a use other than golf?
  • What percentage of municipal facilities operates within the Enterprise Fund structure? Is there a trend of municipalities folding golf back into the General Fund?
  • Do the majority of Golf Funds have a positive or negative accumulated balance? How many municipalities are forgiving or “writing off” Golf Fund debts?
  • What is the average annual transfer (e.g., “allocated overhead”, “indirect charges”, “payment in lieu of taxes”) from the Golf Fund to the General Fund?

If you are a municipal operator that manages a regulation course and you did not receive the survey, please contact Ed Getherall at [email protected] or 561-354-1650.

Featured Report
2012 China Golf Report Now Available

Golf is growing in China, and 2012 was a good year for golf in the country.The number of golfers has grown 16% since 2011, and 38% of China’s total number of golfers are now classified as Core Golfers (those playing at least 8 rounds per year).  Rounds were also up 8%, totaling more than 11.5 million for the year. With golf still in its infancy, opportunities for growth clearly exist in the market.

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