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Many of you are probably asking yourselves, "What is TOURGOLF?"  TOURGOLF is the exciting rebranding of TOUR GCX, including our 3 core services: Private Club Pass, FLEX Events and Reserve Series.

For more information, click on the article entitled "What is TOURGOLF?" in the table of contents to the right. 

Now back to ACCESS.  Our goal with this monthly eMagazine is to deliver relevant content about what is new and exciting at TOURGOLF.  This could include information on new clubs added to the program, additional events in the Reserve Series, and special offers from our sponsors and partners.  In addition, we will have a monthly Tip of the Month from one of our notable PGA Golf Professionals.   

This month, you will find a great grip lesson from Theron Harvey of Hudson National GC.  We will also include a special monthly resort travel feature complete with exclusive offers and benefits for TOURGOLF members.  This month, you will find a feature from Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic.  Lastly, you will find some lifestyle content that we hope you find interesting and informative.

We hope you enjoy this edition of ACCESS and are excited about all the new things happening at TOURGOLF.  Keep an eye out for the next issue of ACCESS coming at the beginning of each month.
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Welcome to ACCESS
Reserve Series – The 2013 Calendar
How to use FLEX Events
Managing Your 'High Tech' Family
The Grip
by Theron C. Harvey, PGA
Director of Golf Hudson National GC

The grip is the most important fundamental of golf because it directly affects the face of the club and ball flight.

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Casa de Campo: “Country Club of the Caribbean”
Rekindling the classic flair for adventure, Casa de Campo invites TOURGOLF members to put the thrill of sport back into the spotlight with “Sporting Life”.
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