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Off-Course Retail Supply: Big Brands Continue to Expand

Consolidation and growth of national and regional chains has resulted in more square footage for golf retail in 2012.  Even though there were 27 fewer stores in 2012 than in 2011, total square footage grew by about half a million square feet.

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This growth in square footage has been the trend for some time now.  We’ve seen a 27% decrease in the number of doors over the last five years, but a 27% increase in average square footage per store over the same time.  So even though there are fewer stores, the stores that remain open (or are opening) are larger.

In 2012, there was an overall net drop of 27 stores (or 2.5%), despite a net increase, for the second straight year, in the number of stores operated by national and regional chains.  With greater buying power and more resources, financial and otherwise, it’s no surprise that larger chains are growing while more independent “Mom & Pop” stores are closing than are opening.  One of every five independents has closed since 2010.

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Will Baby Boomers Go Bust?

Over the next 10-15 years, about 76 million baby boomers will enter their retirement years.  While hopes are high for a boom in the golf industry, golf courses and golf businesses should curb their expectations because this generation of retirees may not be golfing as much as their predecessors.

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