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Mayor of Crazy Town Blog: A Short But Deep Thought
Volume 2, Issue 10 – October 2012

Fellow Citizens of Crazy Town:

It will come as no great surprise that I believe golf is the greatest game ever created. The history, enjoying the outdoors, inspiring course designs, $2 Nassaus (five ways and with "junk"), a penetrating knock-down seven-yard cut to a tucked pin... these are all among the items that contribute to the depth of my love for golf.  But golf is not for everyone.  

There are golfer prospects who can be converted and become involved in the long-term, and some who just won’t, even if exposed to it in ideal circumstances, such as a "welcome to golf" program like Get Golf Ready. The fact is that bottom-up sales and marketing of the game is what the golf business needs most, in order to grow the number of golfers. I bring this up here because of an epiphany I had recently, relative to the cynicism that some industry people have with "grow the game" initiatives.

On the surface, it seems natural to expect that golfers would want to share such a great game with others who don't play. Spread the "gospel" of the game with those who might be open to it, I say.  However, I'm coming to grips with the unfortunate reality that many golfers, by and large, don't really care about growing THE game... only about the quality of THEIR game.  Such self-interest is natural and understandable.

So, with that in mind, is it a problem that we have a lot of passionate golfers working in the golf business?

Cheers from the HMCT (aka Greg Nathan, NGF)

Why “Mayor of Crazy Town?”

I invite you to click here,bk3Ng3L2,w to read the first installment of this blog.

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